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EAF Refractory Repairs

Interheat repairs

Dolofrit from Lhoist is known throughout the world as a cost effective range of fettling materials - refractory repair materials for spinning the banks and hot bombing the bottom of electric arc furnaces.

  • DOLOFRIT 180 and Dolofrit 316 (dead burnt dolomite)
  • DOLOFRIT ME50P (magnesia-enriched Dolofrit 180)

For DC Electric Arc Furnaces, Lhoist has developed special high flow, conductive hot repair materials.


For advice and further details on our range of interheat repair materials and hearth repair products, please contact us.

EAF Hearth and Ladle Repair Materials

Ramming materials and ladle repair materials are primarily intended for re-profiling and installation of hearths and banks of electric arc steel furnaces. Lhoist supplies products for the whole monolithic section of conventional EAF’s, and the non-conductive sections of DC-Electric Arc furnaces.

  • DOLORAM DD Produced from 100% dead burnt dolomite. 38% MgO, 58% CaO. This is a cost effective material for moderate furnace conditions.
  • DOLOFRIT ME50PDead burnt dolomite, enriched with natural magnesite to give a 40% MgO material for more severe furnace conditions.
  • DOLORAM T40Specially graded dolomite backfill with a low odour binder / dust suppressant, ideal for use for dolomite and MgO/C ladle linings.

Dolomite Grain
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